Public Health

And Medicine For All

We must mourn the capitulation embodied in the Indian Patents Amendment Bill passed in March 2005, but we must celebrate the concessions won by people's movements and left activists.

Song of Freedom: An End to Revisionist History

A documentary film brings archival footage into the light and helps Bangladesh remember in its 25th year of liberation.

Dear Thomas Friedman, You're Wrong (Again)

"Muslim bodies must once again be shamed, blamed, and asked to apologize in Thomas Friedman's "Calling All Pakistanis". Omer Shah calls out Friedman's decontextualizing of larger geopolitical strategies and relationships."

A Note on Earthquake Relief

Can we learn from the lessons of recent disasters?

Resurrecting Pacifism

Non-violence in an Era of Nuclear Nationalism

The Myth of the Burdensome Immigrants

Xenophobia and anti-immigrant sentiments situate South Asian and other immigrant communities as burdens on the health care system, missing the barriers, racism and classism they experience. To meet the needs of immigrant workers, these structural inequalities need to be addressed and considered in proposals for US health care reform.

Blogging for Lebanon

Blogs, videos, and artwork filled in the glaring gaps left by the mainstream news media during the recent invasion of Lebanon, leading to the galvanization of a global movement in support of the Lebanese, and giving us a glimpse into the different ways of using digital art and information for advocacy, awareness, and fundraising.

The Making / Migrant Song / Sound the Alarm

In the following excerpt from Migritude, a one-woman spoken-word theater piece, Shailja Patel brings us the story of South Asian migration to East Africa.

Hybrid and Alive

An Interview with Pianist Vijay Iyer

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