Wedding and War in Galilee

A view of the emerging India-Israel-US axis, from a wedding in Palestine with Israeli helicopters whirring above, to Indian towns filled with Israeli soldiers looking for Shanti, to deportations and surveillance in the U.S.

Muslims Across the Brown Atlantic

The Position of Muslims in the UK and the US

Londonistan Recalled

Muslim migration to the UK is de-historicized, colonial legacies are ignored, and contemporary racism is overlooked, in Christopher Hitchens' England.

A T-shirt, a Muslim and a Handful of Eleven-year-olds

An intense anti-Arab media campaign against the Khalil Gibran International Academy ends with a high-tech lynching.

Gandhi's Gujarat

Two Documentaries About the Recent Carnage in Gujarat

Dear Thomas Friedman, You're Wrong (Again)

"Muslim bodies must once again be shamed, blamed, and asked to apologize in Thomas Friedman's "Calling All Pakistanis". Omer Shah calls out Friedman's decontextualizing of larger geopolitical strategies and relationships."

We Are Not Terrorists

The Impact of INS Special Registration

Three Muslim Families, Three Cities: A Review of Muslims of Metropolis

Through the stories of a Bangladeshi family in New York, a Palestinian family in London, and a Kurdish family in Germany, Kavitha Rajagopalan's Muslims of Metropolis is a necessary intervention into the popular discourse that informs our ideas about Muslims.

Muslims of Metropolis: The Stories of Three Immigrant Families in the West. By Kavitha Rajagopalan. Rutgers University Press, 2008, 283 pages.

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