Of Foreigners and Fetishes

A Reading of Recent South Asian American Fiction

Story of a Nepali in Exile

An interview with Mahabir Chaudhari, a Nepali human rights defender now living in exile in New York. He explores the complexities and challenges faced by many migrants who have sought political asylum to escape Nepal's over a decade-long civil war.

An Activism of One's Own

"Reflections on cross-border activism in the West and "back home""

Diversity and Struggle in the Arabian Gulf

"A history of South Asian migration to the Arabian Gulf, from the imperial days when it was linked to the British Raj to the post oil-boom frenzy of today. By carefully exploring the extended histories of South Asian migrants to the Gulf, Kanna debunks the idea of South Asians as "alien" and looks at the impact of oil in changing perceptions of South Asian migration to the region."

The Making / Migrant Song / Sound the Alarm

In the following excerpt from Migritude, a one-woman spoken-word theater piece, Shailja Patel brings us the story of South Asian migration to East Africa.

Power of Love and Money

Sending a remittance is an individual act of love from the sender to the receiver. Collectively, it can be transformed into economic power.

Behind Swing Doors: South Asian Workers Speak

Interviews with New York City food service industry workers

The Work of Domestic Work

Domestic workers' unions in India educate workers about their rights and advocate at the local, national, and international level for women pulled into this industry as a result of poverty, displacement or trafficking.

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