Land Grabs and Corporate Steel

This new monthly column, contributed by members of the South Asia Solidarity Initiative, discusses current social justice issues in South Asia and the imperative of transnational solidarity. This month features a discussion of the Anti-POSCO campaign mobilized in Orissa, India to protect forest dwellers rights and resist the onslaught of unencumbered foreign direct investment.

Corporate Responsibility Twenty Years On

In Bhopal, the struggle to seek justice goes on, not as compensation, for the loss is too great to be compensated, but rather as a founding virtue of human society.

The Tsunami of Aid

A recent World Bank report on the tsunami gives us reason to be vigilant to the forces of corporate globalization using aid as a pretext to advance their agenda.

The tsunami that occurred in December 2004 was clearly one of the deadliest natural disasters the world has seen in recent times. Resulting in over 300,000 deaths, hundreds of thousands more displaced, and massive infrastructure destruction, there is no doubt that concerted and long-term attention needs to be paid to the rebuilding of the affected communities.

Water, Water, Everywhere

It is urgent that water, which remains Nepal's strongest resource, not fall in the hands of decision-makers who will exclude the majority of users. Sushma Joshi explores the politics of water and development in rural Nepal.

Power of Love and Money

Sending a remittance is an individual act of love from the sender to the receiver. Collectively, it can be transformed into economic power.

The World Bank on Trial

The People's Tribunal is a shrewd political strategy, but most profoundly it is a direct assault on the World Bank's monopoly on knowledge.

Soft Power of Community Mobilization

In the face of terror in South Asia, from Kashmir to Sri Lanka, counter-terrorism takes new and ever-changing shape. Nimmi Gowrinathan explores the possibilities of community mobilization to protect against the dehumanizing impacts of terror in rural South Asia.

An Unequal Development

A Review of Amartya Sen's Development as Freedom

Contempt of Court

A Review of Arundhati Roy's Power Politics

Political Conflict in Relief

Before this year's refugee camps, there were those from last year, and the year before. A legacy of civil strife complicates any tsunami relief efforts in Sri Lanka.

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