Methods of Dis-Organization

Where have the South Asians gone?

Wedding and War in Galilee

A view of the emerging India-Israel-US axis, from a wedding in Palestine with Israeli helicopters whirring above, to Indian towns filled with Israeli soldiers looking for Shanti, to deportations and surveillance in the U.S.

Contempt of Court

A Review of Arundhati Roy's Power Politics

The World Social Forum Revisited

Or, Why We Should Care about the WSF

Story of a Nepali in Exile

An interview with Mahabir Chaudhari, a Nepali human rights defender now living in exile in New York. He explores the complexities and challenges faced by many migrants who have sought political asylum to escape Nepal's over a decade-long civil war.

And Not to Yield

The Long Struggle Against Union Carbide

The Organizer's Corner

Questions for Taz Ahmed, founder of SAAVY

Call to Pakistan

A daughter calls her mother in Lahore; the phone rings and rings. She, along with seventy other peace activist from the best-known human rights organizations, have been arrested. But the troubling times are giving birth to a new resistance.

From Kabul to Kanda

Afghan Refugees Struggle for Justice in Japan

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