Power of Love and Money

Sending a remittance is an individual act of love from the sender to the receiver. Collectively, it can be transformed into economic power.

You Can Not Escape Responsibility

A Conversation with Shabana Azmi

Who Benefits From Development Anyway?

India's Silicon Valley Meets Her Slums

Organizing for Obama

A South Asians for Obama organizer explores what an Obama presidency would look like, explains what's in it for progressives, and asks what is the future role of this country.

Dreaming from the Center

Barack Obama and the Progressive Agenda

Mississippi Mutiny Challenges Anti-Trafficking Law

South Asian migrant shipyard workers who were promised Green Cards protest against miserable working and living conditions in Mississippi. The case challenges policies towards and perceptions of victims of human trafficking.

Making the Case for Legal Activism

An Interview with Pakistani Human Rights Lawyer Zia Awan

Road Warriors

Images from the Stockton Truck Drivers' Campaign

No Country for Good Men

There is an alarming trend in India of arresting and detaining without bail human rights activists that challenge state authority. The unjust imprisonment of Dr Binayak Sen is the latest example.

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