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Erasures and Resistance: What Peter King’s Hearing Said. And What It Didn’t.

Representative Peter King’s (R-NY) first hearing on the radicalization of American Muslim communities exemplified the right wing’s ongoing commitment to constructing the idea of a radical, threatening Islam.  The hearing also exposed what is, at best, ...

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On the Erasure of Violence and the Violence of Erasure

I have just characterized the killing of our lifetime’s Public Enemy Number 1, as an act of violence. The association is disconcerting. It does not readily compute. But what else does one call an act that requires the raiding of a home, and the shooting ...

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Speech and Silence

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Terrors Old and New

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Hybrid and Alive

An Interview with Pianist Vijay Iyer ...

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The Politics of Self-Absorption

Experience versus Solidarity in Movement Dynamics ...

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Shattering the Fantasy of Multiculturalism

'Project Thread' and Canada's Secret War on Immigrants ...

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Good Mutants, Bad Mutants

The good mutants work in spaces servicing the global economy. The bad ones want to destroy freedom, democracy, free markets. New mutations are arising in the politics of fear and the War on Terror. ...

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We Are Not Terrorists

The Impact of INS Special Registration ...

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'There are No Rules Here:' A Visitor's Guide to Guantanamo and the Military Commissions

Two attorneys observe military commissions for four weeks in Guantanamo Bay reaching the same conclusions that the Supreme Court did—that the commissions violated the basic principles of US and international law and harm the United States' already ...

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