Methods of Dis-Organization

Where have the South Asians gone?

Kathmandu Rises Up

The recent revolution in Nepal was not just an organic uprising of the people of Kathmandu, but one that has been at work for almost two decades with particular roots among the poor peoples of rural Nepal.

Dear Thomas Friedman, You're Wrong (Again)

"Muslim bodies must once again be shamed, blamed, and asked to apologize in Thomas Friedman's "Calling All Pakistanis". Omer Shah calls out Friedman's decontextualizing of larger geopolitical strategies and relationships."

Pacts and Impacts

Introduction to Issue 17

Hum Kar Sakte Hain?

Can we South Asians do it too or have we become an apathetic community? There was a notable absence of South Asians in the recent immigration protests. Where are the connections amongst the many issues immigrant communities are fighting against?

The Harm of Hype

The mainstream media's manipulation of the events of November 26 has set the tone for increased belligerence and hawkish strategies by the state. However the people of Mumbai find themselves in a more complex predicament as they try to make sense of what happened.

Anarchy in the Ranks

Building Sustainable Mass Movements

Slaughterhouse Gaza

Israel's latest attack on Gaza is part of a larger historical pattern of abuses based in hegemony, land theft, punishment and encampment of Palestinians, racist policies, aggression and paranoia and a bogus 'peace process' similar to American treaties with Native Americans.

A Letter to Our Subscribers

Wondering where the print version of SAMAR went? We explain.

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