Long Distance Sectarianism

Summer in a Hindu Nationalist Camp

Transnational Tensions

Intra-movement dynamics in the campaign against acid violence in Bangladesh

Letter to a Progressive Hindu

The re-election of Narendra Modi five years after the Gujarat pogrom signals that it is time for a progressive Hindu movement to reclaim the religion as one that is progressive, tolerant and secular humanistic.

Of Foreigners and Fetishes

A Reading of Recent South Asian American Fiction

Not In Our Name

An Anti-Detention Testimonial

The Election of Homophobia and Misogyny

It is time to confront theocratic bigotry head on.

The Time is Right for the Desi Vote

The South Asian community of New York City provides a compelling case for what a widespread and organized effort to register and mobilize voters could look like.

Out and Out Radical

New Directions for Progressive Organizing

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