Organizing for Obama

A South Asians for Obama organizer explores what an Obama presidency would look like, explains what's in it for progressives, and asks what is the future role of this country.

Anarchy in the Ranks

Building Sustainable Mass Movements

Skinny Candidates With Funny Names

The recent election of Bobby Jindal to governor of Louisiana and Barack Obama's presidential candidacy explores the relevance of race, ethnicity, and South Asian-American issues in the American Race/Ethnicity nexus.

One Big, Happy Community?

Class Issues Within South Asian Homes

Transnational Tensions

Intra-movement dynamics in the campaign against acid violence in Bangladesh

Letter to a Progressive Hindu

The re-election of Narendra Modi five years after the Gujarat pogrom signals that it is time for a progressive Hindu movement to reclaim the religion as one that is progressive, tolerant and secular humanistic.

Long Distance Sectarianism

Summer in a Hindu Nationalist Camp

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