South Asia

Becoming in Diaspora

" Are we Rushdie’s "bastard children" of history, hybridity, and violence, from which transformation and tomorrows can generate? What kind of diaspora are we becoming?"

There is no Kashmir, but Kashmir

There is nothing chaotic about a well-executed and long-standing military state, nor is their anything normal about men in uniforms with long archaic rifles at every street corner. Srinagar it is a city under occupation.

After the October 8th South Asian earthquake that hit Kashmir and the North West Frontier Province, there has been much public scrutiny of boundaries and borders in attempts to understand the impact of the devastation.

Soft Power of Community Mobilization

In the face of terror in South Asia, from Kashmir to Sri Lanka, counter-terrorism takes new and ever-changing shape. Nimmi Gowrinathan explores the possibilities of community mobilization to protect against the dehumanizing impacts of terror in rural South Asia.

Biopiracy: Let's BAG It!

A co-founder of the Basmati Action Group argues that the corporate rush to patent life is a new form of colonialism

The Barriers We Create

Obstacles to Sexual and Reproductive Health in South Asian Communities

Just Not Cricket

The World Cup, Race and Nationalism

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