Something We All Know

HIV Treatment and Prevention in India

Wedding and War in Galilee

A view of the emerging India-Israel-US axis, from a wedding in Palestine with Israeli helicopters whirring above, to Indian towns filled with Israeli soldiers looking for Shanti, to deportations and surveillance in the U.S.

Bollywood Imagines the Good (and Bad) Muslim

My Name is Khan...and I am not a terrorist is the already ubiquitous chorus from the most recent Bollywood blockbuster to cross over to western audiences. The film seeks to engage American anxieties around nationalism and race and at the same time reveals similar commentaries about India. Omer Shah reviews the film and asks: are we ever able to construct Muslim identities without the notion of terrorist?

One Big, Happy Community?

Class Issues Within South Asian Homes

The World Social Forum Revisited

Or, Why We Should Care about the WSF

Freedom of Speechlessness

An art student is arrested for paintings considered anti-Hindu, raising concerns that the freedom of speech is being replaced by the communalization of censorship.

Sailing Into the Past

The African Experience in India

Casting out Caste

An Interview with Henri Tiphagne

A Devil's Pact

Outsourcing in Exchange for Farmer's Lives

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