Issue 22: Untitled (3/20/2006)

Articles in this Issue

On the third anniversary of the war in Iraq, our old anti-war strategies and their underlying assumptions need to be significantly reworked and become far more pre-emptive, comprehensive, and creative.

Anjali Kamat

Recently passed through the House, the HR 4437 Bill, the latest and most egregious anti-immigrant bill, will criminalize those that are and those that aid undocumented immigrants.

Linta Varghese

Hindu groups' efforts to revise school textbooks in the name of second generation Indians' self esteem would erase the truth of the caste system, patriarchy and minority oppression.


The recent arrest of four men in Lucknow in India, and the media representation of the incident, offer a chance to explore questions of identity, national hypocrisy and media ethics.

Shad Naved

They cook and serve customers from Chinatown to Little Egypt but recent data suggest that New York City's immigrant communities are at heightened risk of hunger and poverty.

Almas Sayeed

Information about the Women and Immigrants Rapid Exit (WIRE) Bill

SAMAR Collective

New York City: A Geographical Analysis

Almas Sayeed