Issue 17: Untitled (5/29/2004)

Articles in this Issue

Where have the South Asians gone?

Biju Mathew

Or, Why We Should Care about the WSF

'Project Thread' and Canada's Secret War on Immigrants

Sami Khan

Reflecting on Irshad Manji's Ijtihad

Raeshma Razvi

Troubled by Irshad Manji

Maryum Saifee

Outsourcing in Exchange for Farmer's Lives

C. P. Pandya

Pakistan and the Question of Recognizing Israel

Saadia Toor

Satish Menon's Bhavum

Linta Varghese

An Interview with Pianist Vijay Iyer

Manu Vimalassery

South Asian Sisters presents Yoni Ki Baat

Vandana Makker

What it means to be Asian and Made in England

Farah Damji

Questions for Taz Ahmed, founder of SAAVY

SAMAR Collective

Introduction to Issue 17

SAMAR Collective