Svati Shah

Svati Shah has been active in lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender political organizing since 1989. In New York City, she has organized with SALGA and with other progressive South Asian groups, including Youth Solidarity Summer. She is currently a gradu

Out and Out Radical

New Directions for Progressive Organizing

The World Social Forum Revisited

Or, Why We Should Care about the WSF

A 'Morning After' Prescription: Remember Abu Ghraib

The Perversions of US Foreign and Domestic Policy

Born Into Saving Brothel Children

Oscar-winning documentary Born into Brothels ignores local organizing efforts and instead gives us more images of white saviors.

Mississippi Mutiny Challenges Anti-Trafficking Law

South Asian migrant shipyard workers who were promised Green Cards protest against miserable working and living conditions in Mississippi. The case challenges policies towards and perceptions of victims of human trafficking.

Hijras, a Police Crusade and an Action

Bangalore, the new global city, is 'cleaning up' and police justify their brutality saying that they are just following orders. India has reached new heights of physical and sexual abuse and arbitrary arrests of hijras. But recent events have inspired the launch of the National Campaign for Sexual Minorities' Rights.

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