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Bushra Rehman / Corona / It Sucks When The Whole Of Your Relationship Fits Into One T-Mobile Bill

This was my world, where the city met the pulse of irrepressible wildlife, where my parents and their friends created a Muslim community from scratch. It is this world and the leaving of it I recreate in my writing. ...

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Issue 39: The Art of Politics (2/8/2013)

In honor of our 20th anniversary, this issue features poetry by Bushra Rehman, Purvi Shah, YaliniDream and Ather Zia, along with a photo essay by Sabelo Narasimhan. Together, these pieces highlight the diversity of voices in the diaspora, ranging from ...

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The Car

but tonight  we beat ourselves against the walls,  for being so broke, ...

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A T-shirt, a Muslim and a Handful of Eleven-year-olds

An intense anti-Arab media campaign against the Khalil Gibran International Academy ends with a high-tech lynching. ...

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Will Heaven look like Zeenat Aman?

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