As the Fires Die: The Terror of the Aftermath

As the smoke lifts from Mumbai, skepticism must prevail over thoseconjectures which support the official state narrative. It is crucial toincrease the pressure for transparency and accountability at this moment toensure that India doesn't slide into the same state as post-9/11 USA.

The deaths continue even as I write this. The death toll stands at 195. And of the several hundred injured some may not survive. It is now official. The siege is over. The last of the gunmen inside the Taj Hotel has been shot dead. The Oberoi/Trident hotel was cleared earlier today and the Nariman House Jewish Center at the corner of Third Pasta Lane on the Colaba Causeway was stormed close to 24 hours ago. The other targets - the Leopold Cafe (a popular tourist hangout), the CST railway terminus (also called the Victoria Terminus), the Metro Cinema, the Cama Hospital, all seem to be targets the gunmen attacked as they zoned in on the hotels and Nariman House. In the end this has become a story of two sets of men with guns.

The human story of the innocents who died, the hotel staff who kept their cool and moved guests around the hotel through the service entryways and exits, those who helped each other escape, will not really make it to the headlines. The maintenance worker at the Oberoi who shielded guests and took the bullets in his stomach will remain unsung. The hospital orderlies who ran in and out with stretchers carrying the wounded - each time not knowing if they will make it back themselves to the ambulance, will not be noted. The several trainee chefs at the Taj who fell to bullets even as other kitchen workers escorted guests away from the firing and hid them inside a private clubroom will not be written up in the book of heroes. The young waiter at Leopold who was to leave to work in a Cape Town restaurant will soon be forgotten. The two young men who dragged an Australian tourist shot in the leg away from the Leopold entrance and carried her to a taxi will not even identify themselves so that she can thank them. These stories, in as much as they are told, will remain on the lips of only the workers, the guests and the tourists who helped each other. The officials will try and produce a clean story to tell the world. And we know the clean story is untrue.

The official story that has already begun to emerge is one that may have some facts embedded in it. But we must remember that between every two facts is a lot of conjecture. The conjectures that unite the few facts (16 gunmen, AK47s, grenades, passports of multiple nationalities, boats on which at least some of them arrived, a dead Anti-Terror Squad (ATS) chief, Hemant Karkare, who was heading the investigation against the Hindu Right wings' terror campaign, the gunmen trying to identify British and American citizens) makes the story. The story then is as much a product of the conjecture as it is of the facts. And there are certain stories that we are already oriented towards. The conjectures that create that story - the story we are already prepared for - is the one the State will dole out for our consumption. Already the conjectures that will serve the State, are out there in great profusion.

Several reporters have noted that the gunmen were clean-shaven, dressed in jeans and T-shirts. The silent conjecture is that they were expecting and were surprised by the fact that these men did not have beards and did not sport the Muslim prayer cap. Every newspaper worth its salt - the Times of India, the Jerusalem Post, the Independent from the UK, among scores of others - have already run commentary on the unsecured coastline of India. The conjectural subtext is that securing the coastline is possible and if India had done so, this attack would have been prevented.

There is also a quick labeling going on -- India's 9/11. The subtext is that India could and should act as the US did after 9/11 - decisively and with great aggression. There is also the subtext that the Indian State is soft on terror that adds to the US-tough-on-terror contrast. Sadanand Dhume, writing in the Wall Street Journal, has castigated the Indian government for withdrawing the Prevention of Terrorism Act (POTA) and for preventing states like Gujarat from passing their own version of the draconian worse-than-Patriot Act legislations. Neither Mr. Dhume, nor the several reporters who will now write stories about how the POTA repeal represents the Indian State’s soft attitude towards terror will ever feel the need to explain how POTA could have prevented this attack.

The dead are on the floor. The vultures are moving in. The conjecture will try to unite the country into a series of unexamined positions. That POTA must be recalled. That States must be allowed to pass even more draconian laws. That Hindu terror is not a big issue and must be forgotten for now - especially now that we may not find an honest policeman or woman to head the ATS. That the defense budget must go up. That the coastline must be secured.

None of the well educated masters of the media will write that the 7000 odd kilometer coastline cannot be protected - that all it will translate to is billions in contracts for all and sundry including Israeli and American consultants. Nobody will write that a hundred POTAs will not prevent a terror attack like this one; that Guantanamo Bay has not yielded a single break through. Nobody will write that higher defense budgets have been more often correlated with insecure and militarized lives for ordinary citizens. Nobody will write that almost without exception all of US post-9/11 policies have been disasters. Bin Laden is still around, I am told and so is the Al Qaeda. The number of fundamentalist Christians, Muslims, Hindus and Jews have probably gone up over the last decade. So much for good policy. But the conjecture will go on.

The foreign hand and its internal partner will be floated without ever naming anything precise. But the country will read it just as it is meant to be read - Pakistan and the Indian Muslim. Everything will rest on the supposed confession of the one gunman who has been captured. A Pakistani from Faridkot, I am told. Why should we believe it? Didn't the same Indian State frame all the supposed accomplices in the Parliament attack case? Didn't the same Indian State claim that the assassins of Chattisinghpura were from across the border until that story fell apart? And more recently, didn't the same Indian State finally agree that all the accused in the Mecca Masjid bombings were actually innocent? And even if Mr. Assassin supposedly from Faridkot did say what he did say - why should we believe him? Why is it so difficult to believe that he has his lines ready and scripted? If he was willing to die for whatever cause he murdered for, then can he not lie? Oh the lie detector test - that completely discredited science that every militarized State trots out. And the media love the lie detector test because it is the best scientific garb you can give to conjecture.

I certainly don't know the truth. But I do know that there is more than enough reason for skepticism. The problem is that we need a new theory of the State. We need to re-understand the State.

There is such unanimity when it comes to analyzing the Pakistani State - that the ISI, and if not all of the ISI, at least a segment of it, is a rogue element Furthermore, that its bosses may not be sitting in Islamabad, but perhaps elsewhere in the country or even abroad. If we can accept that about the Pakistani State, why is it so difficult to accept it about the Indian State? We all know that Colin Powell was a kind of a patsy - a fall guy, who trotted out some lies on behalf of a segment of the neo-conservative movement firmly entrenched within the American State (which Obama will not touch). We also know that if the ISI has a rogue element in it, it was in good part created by the CIA. Then why do we think that the same guys couldn't render another State - such as the US - itself hollow from the inside.

The contemporary State is a different being. For every story of money-corruption you hear, there could just as well be one of political-corruption. Every vested interest who locates himself inside the State apparatus is not just a vested interest going after money but could just as well be securing the space for creating a certain politics. The RSS has a long history of trying to take over the bureaucracy, doesn't it? So do the neo-cons and so do the jamaatis. Then why do we believe in a theory of the State that is unified and with liberal goals?

The history of the liberal State and its relationship with capitalism of all types is a simple one. The longer that relationship persists the more corrupt and hollow the liberal State gets, leaving the space open for political ideologies to occupy its very insides. The logic for this is inherent in the very system. If profit is above all, then given the power the State has, it must be bought. Cheney is no different from Shivraj Patil, and Ambani is no different from Halliburton. They are both part of the story of hollowing the State out. And once the hollowing process begins, every ideological force can find its way in, as long as it has resources. The archetypal bourgeois liberal State is over. It never really existed, but what we have at the end of four decades of neo-liberalism bears no resemblance to the ideal formulation whatsoever. What we have instead is a series of hollowed out States with their nooks and crannies, their departments and offices populated with specific neo-conservative ideological interests. The US has its variant. India has its. And Israel its very own. It is incapable of delivering the truth, and not just the truth, it is only capable of producing lies.

If this story of skepticism makes sense then we have only one choice. To understand that it is crucial to increase the pressure for transparency at this moment, to be relentless in our demand for openness and detail, in our call to ensure that no investigation or inquiry that was in place be halted and that every one of these be subjected to public scrutiny. It is our responsibility to reject the discourse of secrecy based on security and demand specific standards of transparency. What we should demand is that every senior minister and every senior intelligence officer be examined and the records be made available to the public. What we must demand is that an officer of impeccable record be found to replace Hemant Karkare. What we must demand is that we get explanations of how a POTA clone would have stopped this crime. What we must ask is how POTA or the Patriot Act could have ever helped prevent terror? What we must do is support the Karkare family in their demand for a full investigation of his death in the company of the encounter specialist- Salaskar. What we must have is an open debate on every single case of terror over the last decade in India.

When I am in Bombay, I always stay at a friend’s on Third Pasta Lane. Each afternoon I would walk out and see the Nariman House. I have wondered what the decrepit building was. I have always contrasted the drabness of the building with the colorful sign on the next building that announces Colaba Sweet House. The next time I won't wonder. I will know that it was one of the places where the drama that inaugurated India's renewed march towards fascism unfolded. Unless we act. Unless we act with speed and determination demanding transparency and accountability and a careful rewriting of the story of terror in India. Only a renewed movement can ensure that India doesn't slide into the same state as post 9/11 USA.


"Biju astutely observes that calls for securitization of the Indian state are likely to result in hardware and services bonanzas for the US and Israel. His calls for restraint and carefully thinking next steps are also right on. But unfortunately, the article does not do the left any service in terms of going beyond usual platitudes -- that we can never know the truth of the attack, only ""conjectures that will serve the State"", that your average non-Samar reader is trapped some retarded 19th century stereotype of ""silent conjecture"" regarding Muslim attire, that all states are equally heinous or ""failed"", that since we cannot have perfect security let us have none whatsoever, and worst of all, that what we need is a jobs program for Marxist academics who will now solve ""the problem .. that we need a new theory of the State"" by helping us ""re-understand the State"". Given such non-solutions, could you fault a brother for choosing some cool night vision goggles from Israel over yet another tome re-(mis)under-estimating the state? Kidding aside, I don't mean to pick on Biju who has always epitomized the non-hidebound Left! So here are some suggestions, Biju: a) We need to urge that the state create an emergency response apparatus as a public good available to all. Otherwise, you will have high security for the Taj and none for the markets or Cinema halls where ordinary people congregate. b) We should demand that emergency response be directed to more than terrorist attacks -- it should include floods, fires, riots and other public emergencies. c) We need to rethink how the wounded are cared for in such situations, especially given the well known tactic that terrorists employ of bombing the nearest hospital an hour after the original attack. We could call for many distributed medical facilities with trained staff that providing non-emergency routine care in normal times, that can be redirected towards terror victims when need arises. d) We should demand that communal riots be classified as terrorist incidents and that laws and systems enacted for terrorist attacks be also employed for terrorist riots. e) And most important -- we need to make surveillance, readiness and emergency response a citizen concern (think Cuba!) and not just something the state apparatus does on our behalf at great expense. How about distributing free satellite phones to fishermen who can use them for dhandha as well as calling in unusual vessel sightings? How about creating ward-level paid part-timers who learn emergency medical skills? How about teaching better physical education in schools? In other words -- let's be imaginative in using such emergencies to further an agenda of people-oriented multi-purpose technologies and projects. Let them spend a lot of money on all of this -- after all we're in a global recession. I'm sure that we have enough imagination in the left to respond creatively. My biggest fear is that we're otherwise ceding the solution space to the Hindu right which has exactly two fingers people can choose from -- kill muslims in India OR kill muslims in Pakistan."
In response to articles as this, I am reading everywhere that some people are creating citizens' charter to fight terror. I believe this effort is incomplete in itself because the charter should not be towards only the terror attacks. The citizens' charter should aim at overall overhaul of the system. And if it is focusing on the terror aspects, it should not be termed as terror but it should be a fight against all criminals, internal and external. Today India has a higher rate of internal crimes than external aggression. In this direction, I would suggest and emphasize first and foremost on the duties of every citizen which we have failed badly to execute. These stem from our old value systems which are getting corroded with time. These are - self-regulation - self-discipline - unity. All the following points stem from the above. If we as citizens are not regulated ourselves, the representatives we choose will be equally unruly. a. The educated and literate class of citizens 'MUST COME TOGETHER NOW'. This is about the elite but just the working middle class. This is a very evident clear and present danger - that the middle class is VERY FRAGMENTED and that is a problem in itself. You see, in every city, wherever there are slum dwellers if there is any incident from outside that impacts them, they come together since it is their collective being that is at threat. Now look at the apartment complex residents. Even for forming the society and electing the secretary, president etc. there is a huge inertia due to individual differences. It is these petty differences that turn into bigger gaps when it comes to dealing together with serious incidents. this is the drawback in all of us educated people, that we have hugely unsatisfied ego and want to show off our status in society, thereby isolating ourselves from getting together when disaster strikes. b. Police reforms are on the agenda of everyones minds. I suggest going one step back into something that impacts us daily - traffic. The educated and literate drivers of all vehicles must follow the duty listed above. This aspect will actually give the traffic police some respite and they can get some time improve their services and be better guards of the roads. c. Citizen groups must be formed immediately, and must come together to create a voice for the masses. Such groups must take up local issues and put pressure on the local corporators and public servants to work on pending issues under strict timelines. d. No bribes - period. Report all bribes which MUST be actioned upon immediately. 'Educated' citizens must not encourage it at all. This should send a message across to all public employees who follow this practice. There are several such points, but these basic ones can be a start - on the part of EVERYone of us who are reading this article, or who are members of this portal. It is not just the names like SiliconIndia or Incredible India! that matter. It just does not matter if we are BE, MBA, or CEO, CFOs. These are just indicators of the selfish motives within each to stand apart in our professions. The quality of substance within is equally important when it comes to coming together as citizens that just stay isolated as professionals. These are all wake up calls for us. To be on our toes and ready now else we rather be living in the Jurrassic age where jungle raj is the way of the day.
"Mr. Hemant Karkare - The SINGLE target - Is it worth checking this hypothesis/conspiracy theory - that there was just 1 target - Mr. Hemant Karkare was targeted because he was close to understanding the group he was investigating - the Hindu Extremists. Assumption: 1) His assassination is not a mere coincidence. The gun men has intelligence of his exact location and they struck him down - Was he among the first to be killed? 2) The search for British/American citizens was a ruse to distract from the real reason - they finally killed everyone they could. 3) Biju has already made the point about validity of information shared by the lone gunman who was captured alive - how can ANYTHING he says be taken as truth - is the interrogating team using chemicalas to elicit the truth - I'd say, even then the story 'planted' in his subconscious may emerge. 4) The stupidity of finding documents on the dead gunmen is .. well stupid. On a suicide mission, I will NOT carry any documents which will link to my masters - I will use ALL in my resources to communicate something to those who will find my dead body - like tailor labels on hand-sewn trousers, documents, passports, telephones with numbers dialed, other physical msigns to 'show' I belong to a perticular religion. Aww. Let's not be dumb and say - ""Hey! Look what I found on this dead suicide gumnan - it's a Pakistani passport - he even called Pakistan - look, I have the numbers here"". He kept it there for you to find it -- Can't you see it. Mr. Investigator. IDENTIFY the ruse. It's is so visible - or it it so only to me."
Thanks for a wonderful article, Biju. I faced a lot of flak from friends here for suggesting that we should not necessarily believe what Kasab is telling the police, and for suggesting that war is not the answer. Some people thought the candlelight vigil I organized sent out a tame message to the world equal to 'You've slapped our left cheek, now here's the right'. I disagree with them and will continue to plan small scale positive events in Bombay. I hope that we can remove the hate in our hearts first and then try to remove it from the hearts of others.
So, so glad to hear a sane voice in this cacophony of jingoistic fervour. For me the reason POTA was reapealed was becasue it was tried, tested and misused. It was an utter failure.
"A very interesting article indeed. Very bold and hardhitting. If what has been written by Bijju is right, then there is such an urgent need for the masses (including people like myself) to be reached-out to. As a muslim I know the scepticism and suspecion that always falls the muslim way when any act of terrorism takes place anywhere in the world. One foreign gentleman on a news channel called them ""Islamist terrorists"" even before anyone know who they were - that's so typical of the world and so frustrating for muslims. A Muslim is as patriotic as any other Indian. Please stop treating us as pariahs in our own homes! Yes - we must get to know the thruth about all the acts if terrorism that have been committed - to clear the names of the countless innocents who have been implecated. But that's not the only reason. The victims' families and those whose lives have been tragically altered forever need to know the thruth. They need to know that justice is done - we owe it to the thousands of innocents who have died in the countless acts of blind violence. Find the real culpruts and then they MUST be punished - no matter what hue they are. But please don't go about bashing and branding a whole community on the basis of mere suspicions. I agree with Ms. Ramani in that there are so many question which are unanswered and so many discrepencies in reports published and broadcast. Let's for once get the thruth and the true picture. Our task shouldn't and doesn't end there. There is so much to be done! Lets all get together and help remove the divide of hate and suspicion that has been created by selfish people to fulfill their ambitions. Lets get together to build a beautiful India that can help its youth reach their potential and beyond. Lets together get more developed than the ""Developed World"". This can only happen when we have politicians leading because they want to take India ahead, and not because they want to advance their own interests. I know it would be very callous to say this but let there be some good that comes out of this tragedy and let not the blood of the brave, the innocent and the helpless have flown in vain. Lets for once and forever truly be a 'United India' and stay that way!! SAMAR please add me to your mailing list!!"
Worth noting . This kind of attack happened in Israel in 1975 . Has not happened again . The terrorist activity in US since 9/11 is considerably low key . I wonder what they did for ensuring this ?
"Very articulate, but a typically one-eyed reading of the situation. I am well aware that as a part of SAMAR, you are preaching to your converted choir, and that you have your constituency to address, but to echo Pakistan extremist media talking points is a bit too much. Let's examine a few of Biju's claims: 1. ""The human story of the innocents...will not really make it to the headlines."" and a few other statements rhetorically, saying the same thing in florid language. The statement above is of course, demonstrably untrue. The media, both print (especially print) and television have all been covering these individual stories everyday. ToI (and I no love lost for that one!) and HT, as well as the others have all printed stories, as have the web media like Rediff. If they hadn't how did Biju learn those? From his sources in all the terrorist affected areas, I presume. I read all these from the media. 2. ""And we know the clean story is untrue. "" This is of course a giveaway. And a laughable one at that , because ot falls prey to the same bias it accuses the government/MSM/stupid hoi polloi of. On one hand he accuses the government of automatically laying blame on Indian Muslims (where did that come from I don't know), and then declares in the 2nd paragraph, no less, that the government is lying. This is the same thing that the Pakistan media is saying ( So congrats Biju, you got company. 3. ""The official story that has already begun to emerge is one that may have some facts embedded in it. But we must remember that between every two facts is a lot of conjecture."" Two things. One, I can use the exact same statement to describe this article, or anything for that matter. Second, of course there will be some conjecture. Investigations are ongoing. Facts will take some time to come out. But of course, in your eyes, the Indian polity has already been hung and quartered. 4. ""The conjectures that create that story - the story we are already prepared for - is the one the State will dole out for our consumption. Already the conjectures that will serve the State, are out there in great profusion. "" Assuming for a moment that the state doles out a sanitized version. Will the media just accept that version as gospel? Are you implying that the media is hand in glove with the government? And both working towards the extermination if Muslims? If so, then you are a greater conspiracy nut than I thought. Oh, yes, the US government engineered 9/11 as well. Let's not forget that. 5. ""The silent conjecture is that they were expecting and were surprised by the fact that these men did not have beards and did not sport the Muslim prayer cap."" Sorry Biju that was a wild shot. No one worth with any intelligence expects extremists and terrorists to wear skull caps and beards while carrying out an operation - not outside of Afghanistan anyway. The comments on their clean cut features was because all of them looked so young and fresh faced, like college kids. That was the dissonance, not religion. 6. ""None of the well educated masters of the media will write that the 7000 odd kilometer coastline cannot be protected - that all it will translate to is billions in contracts for all and sundry including Israeli and American consultants."" The fact is that all our borders cannot be protected. We all know that. But should be not try even? Should we not at least protect and cover the most sensitive areas? And worse, should we not do that just because contracts would go to Israeli and US contractors? That's a ridiculous comment. Would you agree if the contracts went to Saudi Arabia? Or China? Isn't securing 25% or our border better than securing nothing at all? 7. ""...feel the need to explain how POTA could have prevented this attack."" Here I agree with you completely. Draconian domestic anti-insurgency laws like POTA and AFSPA is never the answer. They are just potent tools of oppression in the hands of politicians and police. 8. ""Nobody will write that almost without exception all of US post-9/11 policies have been disasters. "" I am not so sure. GWB and Iraq have been disasters yes. But Afghanistan and Libya have been successes, as has North Korea. You really should try and remove the anti-US blinkers for some time and look around objectively. 9. ""Why should we believe it?"" ""And even if Mr. Assassin supposedly from Faridkot did say what he did say - why should we believe him?"" Umm...taking that to its logical extreme, why should be believe anything in the world? Why should I believe that Biju is NOT an ISI agent getting money from the Pak government to use his pseudo-journalistic platform to discredit the Indian state while sitting in USA? In fact that scenario is more probable than e terrorist filmed shooting at people, and them lying to cover up his implied Indian-government links, as implied by Biju. Or is it right-wing links? Or is the Congress now working with RSS to wipe Muslims out? I am really confused now. 10. ""The RSS has a long history of trying to take over the bureaucracy, doesn't it?"" Umm, actually the RSS never really took over the bureaucracy, in spite of its best efforts. The groups that actually took over the were too self serving, venal, and corrupt to follow any specific ideology. However, the Left, has has better success in doing so. Most of the bureaucracy reveled in the lack of transparency and openness that the Socialism necessitated, and still puts a hundred roadblocks in the path of instruments of transparency like the RTI. However, I grant that both the Left and RSS are two sides of the same coin. 11. Your theories of state... Longer discussion needed, but I agree with many points, especially about the political capitalist angle. That is the reality. 12. ""it is crucial to increase the pressure for transparency at this moment, to be relentless in our demand for openness and detail, in our call to ensure that no investigation or inquiry that was in place be halted and that every one of these be subjected to public scrutiny."" Agreed. Totally."
With all due respects, its a very thought provoking article. But it would seem that you fall pray to your own oft-repeated hypothesis about conjectures filling up the dots. An e.g.: The way you focus on Mr. Karkare and add Mr. Salaskar's name as an after thought. Or, may be, 'after thought' is a very strong word to describe your choice of writing. But still..nevertheless it forms part of conjecture on your part to primarily mention, or focus on, Mr. Karkare and then add Mr. Salaskar's name to bolster your line of argument, which I agree has its reasons. But still its not entirely free of the kind of biases you are raising in this article. On a personal note, I am absolutely delighted at the article and the the way it provokes my thoughts. Do you realise that the whether its the neo-liberal state or whether it is any other state in the long history of not just India but this entire world that we may consider..they all suffer from this constraint. If in the liberal-capitalist setup it is the profit mongering that leaves the space open for ideologies to settle in comfortably then in a communist is the one over-riding ideology, and its relentless pursuit, that allows one person to direct a society on his/ her whims. Not many political ideologies settling into the 'very insides' but one is sufficient. I don't think I have to argue which one is better. Another consideration: how you again fall prey to your own hypothesis? Just like you have criticised Mr. Dhume for not elaborating on POTA could prevent this attack, you fail to elaborate upon what alternative there are, or may be, to the liberal-capitalist setup. Now let us not be naive here. The issues you raise are valid. Perfectly so. But we do live in a world where different actors pursue their own self interests. The govt. does so to its own. The individual's and other organisations follow their own respective interests. And once you consider a matrix of the interaction of such interests, trying to figure it out is an impossible task. That doesn't mean we pardon excesses. But before castigating our government we also need to understand why govts behave in this fashion. And if we fail to do so or if we don't make an effort to do so, then we ourselves are simply adding conjectures to fill up the gaps in an atrocious story. Also, I don't think that comparing the Mumbai incidence to 9/11 in any direct way implies that they are calling for India to go the US way. If we make that conclusion then we ourselves our conjecturing. How different does it make us from the others we are trying provide a critique for? Isn't it possible that one of the intentions of making such a comparison is that the authors of these articles are merely trying to highlight severity of the incidence and not necessarily call for US-style action? I am not so naive as to believe that this is the only intention. But like you are doubting their conjectures, I am only trying to raise one for you think about as well. With a lot of respect! (I hope you get to read my comments.)
"An excellent article. However, while this is clearly intellectually stimulating, and worth stretching into an engaging interactive dialogue, how can we reach the masses? They are the ones who are innocently swayed by the self-serving, corrupt politicians into casting their quantitative vote and giving them the power that has been our very downfall? Isnt int incredible how the politicians have jumped at opportunites to take credit for one thing and another? Isnt it also incredible that if the politicians had not occupied atleast 60% of the of NSGs for their personal protection in stroking thier ogos of heirarchy? Whe were we silent spectators to all of these misdeeds? Our NSG was ill equipped physically and morally to say the least, to handle 10 or was it 16 terrosists who walked across the shores of Apollo Bunder and held India's commerciial capital ransom for 3 days and nights - while the world watched helplessly at this incredulous drama. While I commend our media networks for delivering us with this life shattering information with minute to minute detail, I am still seeking some basic answers that have beenn obviosly concealed from the public: Did you question the consistantly differing figures of the dead and the injured? What about the actual number of terroists that were involved in this carnage? We have yet to know details of how many died at which location. The names of the missing have yet to be issued. Is it the buraucracy? Why are we being fooled? Who is controlling this information? Why is there no transparency? And why arent we demanding the truth? I am not a journalist though I long to share my angst with my fellow country mates - in the hope of raising a united voice against the corroded system that we have complacently accepted. While, this tragedy has shown the first signs of a wake-up call from a cross section of citizens, I dream of seeing a fresh, new young, honest leaders who having a burning passion to take 'Mother India' into a new horizon created from some of the idealogies of our Freedon Fighters. Can we truly dream of an ""Hontest India Movement"" - without having a revolutionary leader like Mahatma Gandhi? Can we not unite together as 'people fo the country', who share the same dream and take it forward? Gandhi wanted to get rid of the British Colonial subduecation, we need to rid ourselves of 90% of our politicians ans almost as many buraucrats!"
Dear friends of SAMAR, Can we get this article translated in hindi? Kavita
Dear Biju, This is a brilliant piece written by you. Very timely. I fully agree that the Indian State is no less than the American and the Pakistani State. Thus the demand for transparency ought to be immediate, now! It is very disturbing to see the how the several hundreds of 24x7 media channels are just going on Militarising people's minds. There is a demand for more blood and the desire to see an Afghanistan or an Iraq on Pakistan by India. I am glad that my Sister forwarded this piece and Neelabh insisted I read it. Please put me on the Samar online list or whatever that you'll have for it. Kavita
not that it really matters, but there is a small town called Faridkot in Pakistan as well as a larger one in the Republic of India... Bijou, thank you for such a timely and insightful article. I fear, though, from speaking to many family and friends in India - those who frankly should know better as they experienced first-hand the aftermath of 9/11 in this country - that popular opinion may indeed support the kind of response that we fear. Then of course we have the politicians to contend with...I am truly sad, both for the events that transpired in Mumbai and for its repercussions - the blood that will continue to flow as a consequence.
Insightful to think out of the box written with logic, reasoning and analysis. Great. The shaky congress government is just going to use this attacks to rally people towards a fake war and gain support so that it can garner victory and power in the coming election. For the people there will be a bollywood movie starring Sanjay Dutt as an NSG commando in love with a model in the 6th floor of Taj. The movie will be a box office hit, the profits would be shared with the D-Company which will generously return some of it as grenades that burst the ass of bread winners in trains and buses only to make subjects for successive movies. Sanju will pay his respects at the siddhi vinayak temple and the wheel shall continue. And yes then there is always the leopold to meet and discuss and the Pak near by to curse and blame. God save India.
This is very analytical and make much sense. Corporate media has already sentenced Pakistan. India must be patient and an investigation must be consise. Bravo Mr. Matthew
an excellent article, but why we are living in a such dire condition? what is the root cause. Recently I read this article which is very helpful:
Another timely and well-written article by Biju. Thank you. I hope you have time to read my little blog at .
not one journalist, even you, could point out that faridkot is in india, and not in pakistan. regardless, your article is a much needed dose of sense this time oif high jingoism
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