Not in Fodor

bring you this handful of water
to pour over your smoldering ashes.
You, Brijendra, had your lips and genitals

Scorched with burning cloth as you hung
by the feet under a harsh April sun.
And you, Roshini, had your throat slit

with a common rope. Burn down our house;
drive us out of the village, your mother
had begged, but spare my daughter!

Did any of the old men listen? Had we not
Been harsh, our village would have been disgraced.
Besides, she is not your daughter, she is ours.

They tossed your bodies into the pyre
And walked away without looking back once.
So I bring you this handful of water, my words.

Note: The incident occurred in April 1991 in the village of Meharan in Uttar Pradesh, northern India. Roshini's crime was eloping with an Untouchable.


where can i find more info about the tragic story of Roshini and Brijendra??if you have articles send me a message to

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